Welcome to Gypsy Garden!

Gypsy Garden is a place of beauty, sacred and magic. A place to reconnect with your inner child, indulge in imaginative play, and learn about ancient customs borne in a time when people lived closer to nature, the solar and lunar cycles, and the ancient ‘Wheel of the Year’. Gypsy Garden encourages you to borrow inspiration from the past, and from the four distinct seasons around you, to recreate the same.

Who am I?

My childhood was highly imaginative and intuitive. An only child, I found myself escaping deep into my own daydreams and getting lost in my mother’s garden. I loved fairy tales, dress-ups, history and floating petals in earthenware bowls filled with rainwater in the sunshine. I now realise I was making my first flower essences, without even realising it!

Today I live in an 1860 stone cottage in the high hills, surrounded by three acres of bush, fir trees, birches, poplars and a 100-year-old apple tree. I have cultivated a traditional English garden filled with foxgloves, roses, hollyhocks, bluebells, ferns, lilies-of-the-valley and sweet flowering deciduous trees. There is a magical well, chunks of quartz crystal in the soil, a rushing stream twisting under a bridge, and an old wagon wheel with herbs planted between the spokes. As a practicing pagan, I honour the Wheel of the Year with rituals, recipes and ancient traditions. You will find many of these documented in my blog.

I believe today’s society could learn much from slowing down, ‘smelling the roses’, noticing the turning of the Year’s Wheel in all its magnificent natural detail, and have fun playing like children again… picking flowers and apples, making wishes and speaking to fairies. It’s time to bring specialness and sacredness back to our very straightforward, scientific, materialistic world.